As your language service provider we want you to know Language Link is taking responsible precautions to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. As you may already know, many of the language services we offer are already provided remotely from our Vancouver, Washington office. We want you to know that these same services will continue to operate without interruption. You’ll continue to receive the same high quality, professional, human-based language services that you’ve grown accustomed to.

Keep a Healthy Social Distance With Our Over-the-Phone Service

Last Updated March 16, 2020

Currently, we are still offering our On-Site Interpretation service. However, at this moment as a practical alternative, we would like to highlight the benefits of our Over-the-Phone Interpretation service. Connect in seconds with our 24/7 Over-the-Phone interpretation service. Get access to our highly professional interpreters in the most cost-effective and flexible way possible. Many of our clients in business, legal, government, and healthcare value this service and some even prefer over On-Site Interpretation. Please note that our Over-the-Phone Interpretation service is HIPAA compliant and available in over 240 languages. We will also continue to offer our full suite of Translation and localization services.

We Support Our Healthcare and Medical Partners

For all of our healthcare provider partners, we want you to know that we fully support your tireless efforts combatting this virus. Language Link is fully committed to helping the healthcare community disseminate important multilingual health-related information to the patients and communities that you serve in this crisis. Thank you for all you do!

Translate Your Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) in 100+ Languages

Language Link is here to assist the medical community in communicating the benefits and risks of new vaccines being developed and distributed to non-English speakers. We provide professional translation of Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) in 100+ languages. Federal law in the United States requires that healthcare staff provide VIS to a patient, parent, or legal representative before each dose of certain vaccines are administered. Let us help you reach your patients today! Official Vaccine Information Statements are available from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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Letter From Our Chief Operating Officer

March 16, 2020

Dear Clients,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a worldwide concern, and the staff at Language Link are taking steps to ensure continuity of service. First and foremost, we are taking care of our employees and protecting against the spread of the virus:

-Company group events have been cancelled.

-We are providing education to our employees to help reduce the spread of the virus.

-Employees with approved work environments at home are working from home.

-Employees remaining in the office have been relocated a minimum of 6 feet apart.

-Twice daily, the office, bathrooms and common areas are sanitized.

During this time, we are fully committed to supporting our customers and understand flexibility is more important than ever. The leadership team conducts daily meetings to review the status of the situation, determine risk and make changes to mitigate the risk. Presently, we are fully staffed and capable of servicing all your translation and interpretation needs. As this situation progresses, there may be times where On-Site interpreters are unavailable due to government directive or because the risk to the interpreter is too great. In these cases, we encourage you to use our Over-the-Phone Interpretation service. If you do not have an Over-the-Phone Interpretation account, please reach out to our Client Relations team for more information. We will provide periodic updates as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your trust and continued loyalty.

Dan Nelson

Chief Operating Officer,

Language Link

Language Link’s Commitment
to Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Language Link institutes best practices developed by industry organizations for creating practical and effective business continuity plans. The company periodically conducts a risk analysis of critical processes, applications and systems.

Armed with this information, each business area prioritizes recovery procedures, since some processes have more urgent restoration requirements than others. Each business area also creates continuity plans that are reviewed by the Chief Operating Officer and Director of IT to ensure they meet appropriate guidelines and can be properly coordinated with the plans of other business areas.

Incident Management

Incident management is handled by the leadership team at Language Link comprised of managers from all functional areas of the organization. The Chief Operating Officer and Director of IT provide oversite and direction during a major event.

Technology and Data Recovery Process

Language Link’s system and data infrastructure is designed and built for high availability and performance. We employ two data centers containing an identical set of servers providing full redundancy for all mission critical software applications, database and telephony. The data centers and the headquarters are connected by commercial grade 10Gb fiber with path diversity. There are no less than two data paths between each datacenter and the headquarters. The data centers each have redundant internet connections with full path and carrier diversity.

In the event of a power outage, all critical infrastructure including network, telephony and workstations are backed up by a robust system of Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) and backup generator with automatic transfer switch.

It is the company’s goal to recover from an event requiring a processing switch to the alternate site with minimal disruption to core business functions. In addition, data retention and backup procedures are in place, including hard disk backup and offsite storage, offering a tertiary layer of data accessibility should the need arise.

Language Accessibility During a Pandemic

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